Our shipments come from the Netherlands/Belgium and take approximately 3-8 working days. You must have ID to collect your parcel.

The goods are sent as e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking. A medical certificate may be required.

The prices for shipping from the Netherlands to Norway are NOK 39 without tracking and NOK 79 with tracking. If you shop for more than NOK 900, we cover the shipping.

In case of major delays, it can take up to 3 weeks. If you have waited longer than this, we encourage you to contact us at

NB: If you have waited more than 3 weeks, it is most likely because the post office has not found your mailbox. 95% of the cases are due to the post missing a delivery address with a marked post box. Please contact us with a new address that matches a PO Box to ensure your package is delivered.

When we receive the package back, we will then try to send to the new address.